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Easiest way to laugh, swipe, share on iOS. Created in 2013.
Your virtual email buddy for your favorite mobile apps. Prototyped in 2012.
Add It Up
A tile-based, mathematics battling game with mechanics inspired from atebits' Letterpress. Prototyped in 2012.
Rottentomatoes Instant
A Google Instant UX for Rottentomatoes with Windows Live Tiles-like UI. Prototyped in 2012.
Sizing Poker
A productivity tool used in the Agile software methodology for planning and estimating project sizes. For WebOS. Downloaded about 10,000 times. Created in 2010.
Party Graffiti
A digital replacement for the Pictionary board game. It comes with thousands of words and a way to keep track of scores for up to five teams. For WebOS. Downloaded about 26,000 times. Created in 2010.
Roommate match making using Facebook's social graph. Prototyped in 2006.